Torrential rain cause 92 feeders to trip not 400: k-electric

Torrential rain cause 92 feeders to trip not 400: k-electric

Affected feeders were reinstated soon, restoration work on underground cables delayed due to stagnant water

Karachi July 24, 2015: K-Electric issued a press statement where it strongly rejected the total number of tripped feeders as stated by the media. The entity clarified that only a total of 92 out of 1450 feeders tripped during torrential rain rather than 400 as quoted by the media. All tripped feeder were immediately restored for KE customers.

The press statement also details that KE’s rain emergency teams are present in every locality in order to curb any upcoming situation. Stagnant water are the main cause of delay in repairing underground cables and broken electrical wires however all faults were immediately repaired.

Restoration work started right it stopped raining, as working on broken wires during the downpour and heavy winds can cause mishap. Some areas reported broken electrical wires, hence in order to avoid any fatal accidents or mishaps, feeders were shutdown taking precautionary measures although those feeders were put online restoring power supply as soon as the faults were repaired.

K-Electric has once again requested all its customers to stay away from any broken wires, electrical poles and trees. Consumers were also requested to inform the utility of any broken wires or technical faults without any delay by calling on 118 and 021-99000 or by SMS to 8119 or register their complaint on KE’s digital platform.