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Sports at KE

K-Electric has always had a strong affiliation with sports.

The organisation is celebrated as a center for helping young stars progress into world-class sportsmen. KE has helped develop the careers of cricketers Shahid Afridi, Younus Khan and Sarfraz Ahmed, boxers Hussain Shah and Ali Bux, footballers Essa Khan, Lal Muhammad, Hanif Baloch and Samad Baloch, and the hockey player Zeeshan Ali among others.

The KE Sports department manages our professional football and cricket teams, but also focuses on the grassroots development of sports in areas of the city which face socio-economic and law and order challenges. The overarching aim is to divert disenfranchised youth towards positive outlets and increase the national profile of sports.

The creation of powerful grassroots platforms is critical, as it allows upcoming players to display and harness their talents, and also provides a means of communication to engage the wider community. This particularly applies to crime-afflicted, underprivileged areas where electricity theft is common; these sports programmes help KE build a strong relationship with the community and address these issues.

Some of our key initiatives include:


KE and UNICEF have entered into an agreement, which includes a pledge to support KE’s grassroot sports development initiatives and to increase awareness regarding polio and preventive diseases.

KE Lyari League

The fifth edition of the KE Lyari League was held in April 2016. It has so far given more than 2,000 children from Lyari a chance to perform and showcase their talent.

38 children who have played in the League have been selected for the Pakistan under-14 team, some of whom have gone on to play in international tournaments such as the Asian Football Confederation Championship. The League players, who are required to concentrate on their education alongside football, have become success stories and role models for their friends in the community.

Youth League

The KE Youth League covers 18 districts in Karachi with regards to cricket and football, and has provided thousands of youngsters a platform to showcase their abilities and channel their energy into positive activities.

Asian Federation Cup 2016

Being the current Pakistan Premier Football League champions, KE Football Club represented Pakistan in the Asian Federation Cup qualifiers in Bahrain in February 2016. The KE management is extremely proud of its team and is committed to investing in young players.

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