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The K-Electric’s official Mobile App as well as Consumer Portal, KE Live, is a self-service solution designed for K-Electric customers providing various services on the go. KE Live is here to make your life easy and hassle free with first of its kind convenience avenues now just a tap away.
Some current features include:

  • Live Power Status
  • Load-shed Schedules
  • Billing Details & History
  • Real-time KE Notifications
  • Find Your Nearest Customer Care Centre
  • Speak Up – Report Power Theft
  • Electricity Complaints
  • Billing Complaints
  • Get Complaint History

You can click here to avail KE Live services via web-based portal or you can download the app from either Google Playstore or Apple Appstore by clicking on the relevant button below:

Frequently Asked Questions

You can download KE Live from Google PlayStore and Apple Appstore. For verification, look for the official logo of KE Live as shown below. You can also access the same via our website
You must provide basic credentials such as name, email address, mobile numberand CNIC to register for KE Live. The password must be alphanumeric with minimum eight characters.

Once you have provided the credentials, you will receive One Time Password (OTP) via SMS (valid for 15 minutes) for verification. You will then be redirected to login page where you can sign into your account.

Please note that same login credentials are applicable for website as well as mobile app.

sure both your passwords tally and incorporate alphanumeric with minimum eight characters.
Click on “resend OTP” in case you do not receive one within 60 seconds of initiating a request.
No. OTP is a dynamic password and is valid for only 15 minutes after receiving the code. For security purposes, each OTP can only be used for a single login authentication.
No. The mobile app keeps you signed in until you either sign out or clear the memory/cache for the application.
Once you sign in to KE Live, you would be asked to provide your 13-digit Account Number mentioned on top right corner of your KE Bill.

You can add/link multiple KE accounts by clicking on Manage Accounts tab provided at the bottom right corner of your mobile app.

You can also delete KE account by going in Manage Account section. Click on the account number and swipe left, which will further give you options to Edit/Delete.

To register complaints pertaining to the functionality of the application, please contact our Customer Care through any of the following mediums:

Inbound calls – (021)118 or (021)99000
Email –
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, & LinkedIn)
Walk-in to IBC
SMS- type CHAT [space], [your message] and SMS it to 8119.

No. However, it is advised to attach Last Paid Bill snapshot as it assists in identifying authentic consumers.
You can avail following features from KE Live Consumer Portal and mobile app:

  • Know your Current Power Status
  • If you experience load-shed, you can view your load-shed schedule
  • Know your Billing details
  • Get important KE notifications
  • Locate your KE Customer Care Centre
  • Get Duplicate Bill
  • SPEAK UP (Report Theft)
  • Lodge Electricity and Billing Complaints
  • Get Complaint History
  • Get Maintenance Shutdown Notifications
To lodge your complaint, click complaint tab on your home screen & select your complaint category.
Yes, you will receive a notification through your mobile app once your electricity complaint is resolved. You will be prompted to provide your feedback accordingly.
From the main menu, select ‘Find KE’. You shall be redirected to your Customer Care Centre (as mentioned on your KE Bill). Once you tap ‘Find Nearest CCC’, your navigation application will provide directions to your nearest KE CCC.
Click on duplicate bill from main menu.
You can download last 6 months duplicate bills via KE Live.
In case you are facing an outage, you can lodge complaint by tapping on ‘Current Power Status’ which shall then turn Red.
You can report theft by selecting ‘Speak Up – Report Theft’ from the main menu. You will be asked to provide a short description and attach visual evidence for ease of understanding.
It is worth mentioning that your identity will be kept confidential and not disclosed in any case.

You can visit our ‘Feedback’ section available through the sidebar menu, type your feedback in the message field and press submit. KE team shall respond to your request and may contact you in case of any query.
Due to security concerns in android devices, screenshot option is not available. However,it is available for iOS users.
  • Go to KE live
  • Click manage KE accounts.
  • Click on the contract account and swipe left
  • Edit the information.
  • Press submit.
  • Go to KE live main menu.
  • Click on your name/ photo.
  • Edit profile screen shall appear.
  • Add all the information in the edit profile section.
  • Press update.
Defaulter account can be added in KE live app, however, they can not avail any service until they clear all dues.
​As per billing schedule, each customer has a different monthly cycle whereby duplicate bills are updated.
Green means your electricity supply is powered on, and you may raise a complaint in case otherwise. Red means you are facing a known electricity outage, hence you can not raise a complaint​, as the complaint has already been registered on your behalf.
The new KE Bill is simple to Read and Understand. Please find below link with instructions.

Fuel Charge Adjustments (FCA) are decided by NEPRA to account for the variation in fuel prices and generation mix. According to NEPRA, the actual increase or decrease in fuel cost prices has to be adjusted in customers monthly bills in the form of Fuel Charge Adjustments (FCA). This is in line with the process followed across Pakistan.

You can learn more about FCA on our website from the below link.

Please check your network settings, ensure you have strong connectivity of internet.
Also please note that KE Live is compatible on Android (7 and above) and iOS 10.3 and above.

Following can be possible reasons for defaulter status:

  • Non-payment in current and consecutive months.
  • Disconnection or Reconnection issue (in that case, please helpline)
  • Late reflection of change of status on app
Select “My Billing” and click on “Pay Now” in order to ​​pay your bills online via KE Live Application.
Yes, the HBL Payment Gateway handles routing of all online transactions from KE Live to the Visa/MasterCard networks with state-of-the-art solution, utilizing the 3D-Secure platform for added security in addition to the integrated fraud management tool to help protect from internet hacking and fraud attempts. It supports VISA & MasterCard enabled debit and credit cards for national as well as international payments.
3D Secure means your card is safe to be used for online transactions. 3D Secure requires a password or code called as One Time Password (OTP) generated when completing an online transaction. The OTP is sent on email and/or SMS and needs to be entered at the e-commerce website to authenticate the transaction.
Yes, a cardholder can use any Visa or MasterCard issued by any bank, locally or internationally, for making online KE bill payments.
A cardholder will install KE Live which offers online KE bill payment acceptance feature and can make their payment online through Credit/Debit cards. A cardholder must verify OTP along with the rest of the Credit/Debit card details before making a bill payment.
Cardholder may have entered incomplete or incorrect details. All details must be correctly entered before proceeding to pay.
  • Cardholder must have sufficient limit of funds in the issued Credit/Debit card.
  • On the duplicate bill page select “Payment Method”.
  • Enter complete cardholder details.
  • Verify & Pay
  • Verify payment details thoroughly. Click “Confirm and Pay” to complete the transaction.​

Each transaction is authorized through the Payment gateway and returned with an approved/ declined status. If the transaction is successful, the page will show an ‘Accept’ response. User will also receive a confirmation SMS or email on registered device that the payment has been received.
If transaction is declined the page will show a ‘Reject’ response. Once the transaction fails, the amount will automatically be refunded, the cardholder can check this in their Credit/Debit card statement.
User can cancel the transaction before inputting card details or OTP. User will not be able to cancel payment once payment is processed successfully. Furthermore, amount cannot be reversed once it is submitted for processing. There is no refund/return policy for KE bill payments
Currently, there are no charges on Credit/Debit card payments on KE Live. In future, if any value-added service (VAS) charges are applied, as convenience fee by payment processor, it will add up in the final amount on the checkout page after user enters details.

Please note, KE does not charge any fees or charges over the Gross Amount Payable and any amount that might appear as additional deduction is the VAS charges for processing the transaction.

KE residential consumers can make their full KE bill payment online on KE Live through this service.
All successful payments authorized through the Payment Gateway are logged in real-time. The service is also available for after due date bill payments, with the respective late payment surcharge added.
No, the service is not available for partial or instalment bill payments.
Fraud detection and prevention are very important to us. KE does not have the direct access to the cardholder data. Payment page is hosted by the Payment Gateway service provider, i.e. HBL Bank. However, HBL has taken necessary steps to ensure that all information related to cardholder and card transaction are stored in secure and encrypted format. Online payments are monitored continuously for suspicious activity and some transactions are verified manually if HBL feels that it is not authorized by the owner of the card.
No, users will never be asked to store their card details on KE Live. Also, customers do not have to sign up from any login account before making a payment transaction on KE Live. Additional measures such as asking for CVV and OTP allow for added security.
Go to Manage Account section, click on the account number and swipe left. You would be redirected to a new screen where you click on Edit KE account and select “Unsubscribe SMS service”.
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