Thousands of Students Participate in K-Electric’s Energy Conservation Initiative

Thousands of Students Participate in K-Electric’s Energy Conservation Initiative

Karachi, 18th September 2017: More than 12,000 students around the city have pledged to save electricity as part of K-Electric’s Energy Conservation Initiative.

According to KE spokesperson, “We are encouraging the younger generation to become energy efficient leaders of tomorrow through this programme. The response from partner schools, their management as well as the teachers has been very positive. With their support, we are creating awareness on the importance of conserving electricity amongst our future generation.”

Under the initiative, students are briefed on the ‘Do’s & Don’ts’ of electricity conservation. Child-friendly infographics based on the national curriculum of Pakistan have been used in order to educate the youngsters in an easy, fun and engaging manner. This campaign enlightens the school children with 4 key tips to become ‘Champions of Energy Conservation’. Some of the tips include turning the TV and appliances off instead of leaving on standby, turning the lights and fans off in an empty room, setting the air-conditioner on either 24 or 26 degrees and to rely on sunlight as much as possible.

K-Electric’s Captain Power: The programme uses an animated cartoon called Captain Power, a super-hero who encourages the use of efficient energy to narrate the story of a family while teaching the importance of energy conservation. The animated videos are shown to the school children to educate students and teachers in order to drive a behavioral change and embed this good habit in our country’s future. Schools that participated in the initiative include Dawood Public School, St. Joseph, St. Patrick, Shaheen Public School, The Karachi Public School and Beaconhouse School System and more.

Video Game: With a view to deploy modern communication tools, the school program also features an exciting video game with timed challenges based on energy conservation measures. Students actively enjoyed the gamification based interactionthat taught them the importance of reducing electricity bills via energy conservation measures.

K-Electric is also the first electric utility in Pakistan to offer Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency Programs to its consumers. Other efforts include energy conservation awareness campaigns across the city, conducting energy audits based on global standards of (ISO 50001) and power factor improvement for our industrial consumers. K-Electric had earlier also inked an MoU with the Government of Sind to promote Energy Conservation. For more about energy conservation and to find out how much energy efficiency can you achieve in your household, visit: