Technical Faults cannot be Deemed as Unannounced Load-Shed: K-Electric

Technical Faults cannot be Deemed as Unannounced Load-Shed: K-Electric

Teams are working round-the-clock; Several faults rectified, Spokesperson KE

Karachi, June 23, 2015: K-Electric has issued a press statement against the misperception regarding the power outages in the city. KE said that the reason behind power outages is the increased demand in power, due to the heat wave and over-loading on PMTs that face the burden of illegal hooks that led to technical faults; therefore it is requested that technical faults and difficulties should not be confused with unannounced load-shed.

In its press statement, KE said that despite the violent attacks, abusive language and extremely hot weather, KE’s staff was working round-the-clock to rectify any emerging faults. In the last two days, the situation of electricity provision has observed marked improvement. KE reiterated through its statement that no unannounced load-shed was being carried out in any part of the city.

The statement also added that out of 1400, more than 1380 feeders are working properly and are well -maintained, whereas 98 percent of the city is getting uninterrupted power supply during Sehar and Iftar timings.

KE impressed on the importance of understanding the difference between load-shed and power suspension due to faults for its consumers. Moreover, to counter these faults KE offices are open 24 hours to serve its customers and despite the violence and abusive language against KE staff, the teams were available in eliminating faults even during the exceedingly hot weather.

KE has requested the LEAs to provide security to the response teams, to be able to rapidly eliminate faults in the area in order to restore power supply.

KE has also appealed to its valued customers to inform the Rangers and Police force of miscreants who were responsible in instigating violence against KE’s teams which are working on the spots.

With regards to the ongoing water crisis in the city, KE’s spokesperson stated that no load-shed has been carried out at any pumping station. The spokesperson clarified that the water crisis is one of the oldest issues within the city which intensified overtime up to the month of Ramadan. Therefore, it would not be rational to hold KE responsible for this persisting situation.

K-Electric also requested the members of the Sindh Assembly to avoid discouraging and demoralizing the KE teams who have been working round-the-clock despite the intense hot weather in order to provide relief to the masses and its valued customers.

In addition KE has apologized to it valued customers who have faced issues due to the breakdown in the power supply. KE customer service advisors face difficulties in answering each and every call due to excessive calls at the time of a breakdown. In case of power suspension, KE humbly requests its consumers to register complaints via SMS to 8119 or call 118 to report about any power suspension or alternatively call 99000 or use social media, such as Facebook or Twitter to file in complaints.