Provincial ministers should avoid making KE the scapegoat for their own inefficiencies – KE

Provincial ministers should avoid making KE the scapegoat for their own inefficiencies – KE

Karachi, June 29, 2015: K-Electric has categorically rejected the allegations leveled against the power company’s performance by some provincial ministers and labeled them as ‘baseless’ in its press statement. The company’s statement said that it is saddening to see how a power utility that has been labeled as one of the best distribution companies of the country is being targeted from all fronts.

KE’s spokesperson negated the allegations made by provincial ministers where they blamed the power utility for heat-related deaths in Karachi by stating, “Ministers and government are fond of pointing fingers at KE for every negative scenario prevalent in the city. The foremost reason behind heatstroke related deaths are dehydration and gastro diseases, as a majority of people fast in this holy month, it can lead to a significant water deficiency in the body.” Citing experts views, KE’s spokesperson also said that due to lack of water supply in the city and lack of clean drinking water being available this situation aggravated, resulting in deaths of many.

KE said that it has been supplying uninterrupted electricity to the areas in the city including all Government owned hospitals that fall under high-loss areas as well. It seems absurd that there are no backup generators present at hospitals which the Government is responsible for. According to KE’s spokesperson, with the rise of temperature, the demand of electricity has exceeded to a record high of 3100+ MW. He also added that with the interruption in KANUPP plant’s power generation due to technical faults and the low level of gas supply at various other power plants has affected the overall production of electricity in the city which the ministers continue to ignore.

To hide inefficiencies of the Sindh Government, they feel they have the liberty to pass statements against K-Electric at will. Its is about time such baseless allegations are put to an end, and they take note of their own default leading up to more than PKR 50 Billion whereas a total of PKR 111 Billion is owed by the federal and provincial government as a whole.

In the end KE requested its valued customers to avoid using unnecessary electricity equipment at the time of excessive heat in karachi. KE further urged provincial ministers to avoid baseless allegations against KE and focus on finding effective solutions during the current crisis.