Protests and Road-Blocks are not the solutions – KE tells protestors to pay up in order to get uninterrupted electricity supply

Protests and Road-Blocks are not the solutions – KE tells protestors to pay up in order to get uninterrupted electricity supply

Karachi, 7th Aug, 2014: K-Electric has categorically rejected the perception that is being created that due to immense power outages people of different areas have resorted to protests, road-blocks and at some locations, violence.

In its press statement KE has come out saying that KE does not provide free electricity to anyone, and these so-called “Innocent protestors” are defaulters who do not pay their monthly bills but resort to everything else.

Spokesman KE said, “On the 6th of August people of FB Area protested near Shafeeq Mor and they were highlighted as innocent protestors. However, it’s very important for our media friends to take notice of the fact that these defaulters owed KE almost Rs 66 Lac due to which KE had no other option but to disconnect that particular PMT. The PMT had a recovery of less than 10%, so how could KE provide uninterrupted supply to them?”.

A similar case was with the residents of Jehangir Road who are defaulters of millions and even they resorted to protests instead of paying their monthly utility bills.

Giving details the press statement added that on the 7th of August KE’s Baldia office was attacked by some “Defaulting” protestors who also resorted to violence, road-blocks and even set up a fire at KE’s office gate. Media was again highlighting these protestors as ‘Innocent citizens who suffer prolonged power outages’, and what they failed to understand was that these defaulting consumers of Sector 4F Baldia owed KE more than Rs 45 Lac, and the recovery ratio of this particular area had fallen below 40%, after which KE disconnected their power supply.

KE’s spokesman added, “We do not segment load-shed deliberately, but since people prefer protests over monthly bill payments and resort to illegal hook connections, we as a power utility have a lack of choice. We put such areas under load-shed and at times disconnect their electricity if the defaulting numbers touch an alarming figure”.

Water supply shortage is another major cause behind these protests and violent incidents in different areas. It is because of KWSB’s poor network that people of Karachi are facing acute water shortage. Neither does KWSB repair their old and weak internal cabling system, nor the water supply lines are repaired. Protests by area people in the vicinity of Jamshed quarters was primarily for acute water shortage as there was no DC nor was there any fault.

KE has yet again asked its media friends to look into these matters with a bit more responsibility, as the power utility is here to serve. 56% of Karachi is exempted from load-shed only because these consumers pay their monthly bills and on time.