Operation Burq: K-Electric Removes 7500 Illegal Connections during 70 Raids

Operation Burq: K-Electric Removes 7500 Illegal Connections during 70 Raids

KE OPB Team Has Been Persistent In Its On-going Operation despite of acute Resistance of Negative Elements: Spokesperson

Karachi, March 2, 2016: Despite resistance from miscreants,K-Electric’s Operation Burq team has been carrying out rigorous operations in difficult and risky localities across Karachi. In its latest operation, KE teams pulled down 7500 KUNDAS weighing around 1100 Kg during 70 raids in different vicinities of the city.

As per press statement, the team disconnected 1100 connections worth Rs. 63 Million outstanding in the areas of Defence, Clifton, Saddar, Garden, Tipu Sultan and Bahadurabad. Likewise 2214 connections were disconnected on worth Rs. 170.78 Million outstanding in the areas of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Nazimabad, North Nazimabad, Surjani, Liaquatabad and Federal B Area.

A hospital located in Federal B Area was caught red-handed in meter-tampering while the team disconnected the connection on the spot. Moreover, several connections of the defaulters were disconnected in the areas of Awami Colony, P&T Colony, Bhittai, KDA and Bilal Colony of Korangi area. Over 15 residents from the same vicinities were caught red-handed involved in electricity theft. KE teams charged them penalties on the spot despite the resistance of some negative elements.

Orangi, Defence, North Karachi Surjani, Lyari, Clifton, Bahadurabad, Saddar, Garden, Liaquatabad, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Orangi, Uthal and Site were amongst the areas that were also raided. KE teams removed several illegal connections in areas of Pehlwan Goth, Surjani, Lyari, and Lines Area amongst risky locations.

Speaking about the on-going operation, KE’s spokesperson said, “Our team is brave enough to handle any difficult task at hand. During this operation, our teams are facing various obstacles however, this has not wavered our determination in eradicating power theft from the city.”