No load shed at any KWSB Pumping Station; KE Rejects False Allegations

No load shed at any KWSB Pumping Station; KE Rejects False Allegations

Karachi – 14th July, 2014: K-Electric, in its latest press statement, expressed dismay at stories circulating in the media containing baseless allegations being hurled at it from KWSB. KE’s spokesperson stated that contrary to reports, KWSB’s water pumping stations are exempted from load shedding and that they receive uninterrupted electric supply.

The statement explained that when at times KE’s electric supply is disrupted because of technical faults, the matter is addressed on an urgent basis to ensure supply is restored as soon as possible.

KE’s statement said that it was unfortunate that KWSB has a tendency to stir up controversy and immediately blame KE even if a power outage lasts for a short duration.

KE’s spokesperson also brought to light the fact that KWSB owes the power supply company 29 Billion rupees. Despite this fact, he said, KE was committed to providing uninterrupted power supply to KWSB in the interests of the citizens of Karachi. It is clarified that KWSB has not made alternative arrangements in the event of power outages that are caused by technical faults. KWSB was advised that it would better serve its consumers by focusing on improving its obsolete machinery and equipment as opposed to pointing fingers at others.

KE appealed to Chief Minister Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah and Governor Sindh Ishrat-ul-Ibad Khan to take notice of KWSB’s behavior and take appropriate action against it.