No delay in power supply to RO (Reverse Osmosis)plants; KWSB yet to complete all necessary requirements: KESC

No delay in power supply to RO (Reverse Osmosis)plants; KWSB yet to complete all necessary requirements: KESC

KARACHI, 14 th April: K-Electric, formerly known as KESC, has made it clear that electricity would be supplied to KWSB’s RO plant without any delay only after the Water Board had paid full due charges for the connections along with the required documents such as basic forms, PFIP and other important pre requisites. Referring to an ongoing report, K-Electric said that 11 kV electricity connections would be provided to the Board’s upcoming Reverse Osmosis (desalination) plants on priority basis keeping in view the facility that these plants were likely to offer to the citizens of Karachi, despite the ongoing default of more than Rs 27 billion on part of the Water Board. K-Electric from their end have been working on installation of these connections speedily.

However, these connections could be energized only after the Water Board had made payment for the estimates against material cost and labor and transportation charges at all 18 plants – it has paid for 17 so far.

Also, the Board and its contractor Pak Oasis had to complete the internal infrastructure like transformers, LV switchgear and breakers, power factor improvement panels (PFIP) and all other requisites at each of the 18 plants, but sadly these schemes were still pending at their end.

Out of the 18 Schemes, KE had completed its work on almost all of them. Payment for 1 scheme as mentioned earlier has to date not been made, whereas out of the remaining 17 schemes, Test Forms, PFIP and the Load switchgear has still not been completed for 11 of them. From the 6 schemes that remain, permission for road-cutting for 4 of the schemes have still not been submitted by the KWSB, due to which KE cannot possibly do any work further. On the other hand the Sindh High Court has issued a stay-order for one of the schemes and due to a lack of switch-room that the KWSB promised, the last remaining scheme remains unattended.

The load availability along with test forms were also required to be submitted for each site. As soon as KW&SB completes all the above requisites, schemes for connections against these plants could be energized.

KE further clarified that it had neither ever refused to provide connections against these plants, nor execution has been stopped or delayed on the utility’s side. Details had already been provided in a meeting with top officials of KW&SB and Pak Oasis held last November, and reminders have repeatedly been sent till date.