Ninety-Eight Per Cent of the City Is Supplied Uninterrupted Power during Sehar and Iftar: K-Electric

Ninety-Eight Per Cent of the City Is Supplied Uninterrupted Power during Sehar and Iftar: K-Electric

Rapid Response Teams working round the clock to resolve issues

Karachi, 22nd June, 2015: K-Electric has issued a press statement according to which out of 1400 feeders 1380 feeders are working properly and no unannounced load-shed is being carried out in any part of the city. According to the said statement, 98 percent of the city is getting uninterrupted power during Sehar and Iftar timings. The KE offices are open 24 hours for its customers and despite the violence, abusive language and deadly hot weather condition, KE’s staff is available eliminating the faults.

KE’s Spokesperson said, it’s sad to condemn KE’s management for power failure in some parts of the city. The KE spokesperson has also termed it regrettable to hold KE responsible for the loss of lives caused by the heat wave. With regards to the ongoing water crisis in the city, KE’s spokesperson stated that no load-shed is being carried out at any pumping station. The spokesperson clarified that the water crisis is one of the oldest issues which has intensified overtime up to the month of Ramadan. Therefore, KE cannot be held responsible for this persisting situation.

According to the said statement, a dumper was collided with the Gadap’s transmission line, damaging three towers and collapsing one, leading to the suspension of power supply to six feeders of Gadap. Certainly, this was an external fault for which KE cannot be held responsible. However, the KE team took immediate measures and restore the supply. KE also expressed its disapproval over the violent attack by Keamari’s elected MPA, PML-N’s Humayun Khan’s brother along with his friends who beat up KE staff at IBC Clifton. They used abusive language and beaten the teams. Such violence was not needed as it only aggravated sensitive law and order situation in his area.

In the same statement, the K-Electric has also requested the members of the Sindh Assembly to avoid discouraging and demoralizing the KE teams unnecessarily who have been working round-the-clock despite the intense hot weather to provide relief to the public and its valued customers.

KE would like to apologize to those consumers who faced the brunt of outages and would like to assure them that the power utility is trying its level best to overcome such issues.