Misconceptions surrounding over billing is incorrect: k-electric

Misconceptions surrounding over billing is incorrect: k-electric

No un-announced load shed conducted across the city, uninterrupted power supplied to all water pumping stations: Spokesperson

Karachi, August 26, 2015: K-Electric issued a press statement disregarding allegations of over-billing and further stated that bills are sent after careful reading of electric meters and documented evidence. The statement further added that no un-announced load shed was conducted across the city. All the water pumps under KWSB were being supplied power normally whereas the increase in power tariff was done by NEPRA on the instructions from the federal government.

At the occasion KE spokesperson added that ‘Customers are sent bills according to meter readings of each locality – KE technical staff ensured that its valued customer get electricity bills according to the units consumed. In the case of any discrepancy in the number of units consumed the cost of the bill is promptly rectified by the technical teams and the additional cost paid is credited immediately to customer account.’

In reference to the unannounced load shed allegations levied by the water board, KE spokesperson said ‘There is no un-announced load shed in the city and all the pumping station are being supplied power normally. However, due to the old cabling system, the pumping stations have witnessed power breakdowns in the past as well, which seems to be a regular occurrence. This breakdown was less than 2 hours on the basis of which caused a disruption at the water board in supplying water to the citizens of Karachi.’

Furthermore in reference to the hike in power tariffs, KE spokesperson added that the decision to either increase or decrease tariffs does not fall under KE’s command and is taken by NEPRA in accordance with the instructions from the federal government. The major reason for the hike is due to a fixed classifications of tariff rates which have been enforced by the government while KE management plays no role in this decision.

KE ensured its customers that all billing is conducted in accordance to meter readings and documented evidence where no human interference is possible. The entity promises to uphold its mission in a bid to serve and satisfy its valued customers.