KESC, FIA cooperation against power theft working successfully; zero tolerance for corrupt employees.

KESC, FIA cooperation against power theft working successfully; zero tolerance for corrupt employees.

KARACHI, Nov 7: Karachi Electric Supply Company has said that joint teams of KESC and FIA had been conducting successful operations against electricity theft. KESC strongly rejected the wrong impression created in the media that there had been any reluctance on part of the power utility to cooperate with FIA against electricity thieves. KESC had always taken prompt action on any report provided by the Federal Investigation Agency.

KESC said that it was also incorrect to claim that some employees of the power utility had delayed or blocked joint action with FIA against the crime of power theft. On the contrary, KESC had zero tolerance over corruption among its employees and had always taken action against corrupt employees.

Since 2009, KESC had been continuously striving to end the menace of electricity theft in Karachi. Therefore, the Prime Minister’s initiative to involve FIA for taking action against electricity thieves was a welcome move. Accordingly, cooperation was being rendered to FIA and joint raids by the teams of the two organisations had proved to be very successful.

Kunda culture had been the main cause behind KESC losses and it was also adding up to load shedding. Therefore, KESC had been carrying an ongoing drive against illegal connections and conducted regular Kunda removal operations. Support by FIA had helped KESC to great extent because without that, the thieves again installed the Kundas.

KESC further clarified that sometimes citizens referred complaints about billing, faulty meters, new connections and load shedding to FIA which did not fall under the ambit of the Agency’s current anti-theft campaign. KESC advised such complainants to instead approach the concerned complaint centres for redress.

KESC said it would rather welcome media persons to accompany Kunda removal teams and observe the difficulties involved in conducting such operations in the present law and order situation in Karachi. KESC also exhorted upon the general public as well as media persons to share any such information that could prove connivance of KESC employees into power theft, with proper evidence for action.