KE’s CFL distribution transparent; Sold CFLs not from KE’s quota; Detailed letter already sent to PEPCO – Spokesman KE

KE’s CFL distribution transparent; Sold CFLs not from KE’s quota; Detailed letter already sent to PEPCO – Spokesman KE

Karachi, 21th May 2014: In its press statement K-Electric (KE), formerly KESC has categorically denied some of the ongoing claims that the company’s CFL program has been misused within the city limits of Karachi. There were a few press clippings regarding the NCFL campaign and PEPCO earlier sent a letter to K-Electric asking for explanations. KE’s top management took this matter straight on and provided PEPCO and its media friends with appropriate answers to the letter and queries.

The letter sent by KE said that K-Electric has a SAP based inventory management system which is a transparent distribution mechanism. As per the SAP based inventory management, CFL’s (Energy Savers) that are being issued are as per protocol and there is no chance of misappropriation.

The letter added that this is such an unambiguous project that KE is conducting that it can be checked and verified at any time. Since Karachi is a vast market, CFLs from close by cities are being sold openly.

Press statement said that KE thanks some of the media channels for bringing this into KE’s knowledge, and as soon as KE’s team was told about CFLs being sold and not provided for free, KE started investigating and tracking the ‘Serial Numbers’ from both suppliers, Philips and Beauty Shadow. Through a proper tracking mechanism KE found out that the recovered CFLs were not from KE’s allocated quota.

The content of the letter sent to PEPCO also stated that K-Electric’s media team aggressively started visiting sites so as to crackdown where the issue was coming from. KE teams visited the CFL Central Store and found out that fool proof arrangements were made on KE’s part and that the recovered CFLs were being brought in from nearby cities.

As per KE allocated quota of 2.7 million only 1.35 million registered residential consumers can benefit from the NCFL campaign. Successful distributions were carried out all over Karachi and areas such as Lyari, Landhi, Punjab Colony, Korangi, Malir, Gulshan, Clifton, Defence, Gadap amongst others, were visited by KE teams as well.

KE’s letter also added that a detailed CPA wise CFL distribution progress report was shared with the Ministry of Water and Power by KE, and KE has again invited media friends to pinpoint wherever discrepancies are, so that they could be controlled and wiped out for good.