KE’s BQPS -II: First Pakistani Power Plant to be Green Office Certified by WWF

KE’s BQPS -II: First Pakistani Power Plant to be Green Office Certified by WWF

Karachi: 26th July, 2018: K-Electric’s flagship 560 MW, Bin Qasim Power Station-II (BQPS-II) is the first-ever Pakistani power plant to be declared a WWF-Green Office for its Environmental Management System which prioritises energy efficiency, focuses on waste reduction across the entire value chain and ensures an environmentally-friendly workplace.

The power utility is recognized as one of the industry leaders in energy management best practices and this certification is yet another testament to KE’s longstanding commitment to sustainability through resource and energy conservation. The BQPS-II power plant also holds the unique distinction of being Pakistan’s first and only ISO 50001 certified power plant for its Energy Management System which improves energy productivity and cuts CO2 emissions.
According to Dale Sinkler, Chief Generation & Transmission Officer, K-Electric, “This certification reflects KE’s commitment towards combatting climate change through the integration of energy management systems, environmental protection and a conscious effort to cut waste through technological interventions. Alongside our infrastructure investments, as a utility, we also strive to ensure that our growth is aligned with Pakistan’s sustainable development goals.”

BQPS-II Plant Director, Tahir Ali Khan while acknowledging the efforts of the plant team stated, “Sustainability is embedded in KE’s organisational DNA and our teams are driving a culture that challenges waste and encourages eco-efficiency.”

K-Electric also has a dedicated team for energy conservation and actively promotes energy conservation awareness and conducts energy audits per ISO 50001 global standard; thus preserving the country’s natural resources for future generations. In addition, the utility has also planted more than 80,000 trees in partnership with WWF and other supportive institutions under its #PlantForPakistan campaign in an effort to green and clean the country.

The WWF Green Office Certification is an extension of the WWF Finland’s Green Office concept encouraging sustainable development and enabling organisations to reduce their ecological footprint thus contributing to greener and cleaner future.