KE Teams on Standby for Second Spell of Rain

KE Teams on Standby for Second Spell of Rain

KE spokesman urges City Govt to complete tree pruning and clear streets to expedite fault rectification

Karachi, 25th July, 2015: KE has taken note of the fresh reports from MET Office Karachi indicating an imminent spell of high winds and rain. In response, the company has put its teams on standby, and added further resources on its Rapid Response Teams for quick and comprehensive rectification following from this spell. In order to minimize fault restoration process electrical equipment including additional PMTs, breakers, Conductors, wires, switches and leads have been shifted from the central store room to the regional Control centres.

Regional Control Centers established before the onset of the last spell are still functional and are vigilantly monitoring the situation at all times. Certain pockets of the city have faced extended outages, and press statement explained that occurred because the rains created a safety hazard rendering these areas inoperable until the rain stopped.

KE Spokesperson also urged the City Government to complete all necessary preparations to counter the impact of rain. He stated that KE teams faced delays in repairs because of waterlogged streets which submerged the underground cables making it difficult to identify faults and begin digging. Unpruned trees damaged wires through contact by heavy winds; when tree branches or trees collapsed, they took out electricity cables with them.

KE spokesperson stated “We want our consumers to understand that these are serious issues and safety hazards which need clearance before teams can begin repair work. KE teams remain in wait and begin aggressive repairs as soon as they get the chance. I urge consumers to exercise patience and empathy with KE’s situation as our teams take all necessary measures to rectify the situation”

Press statement added that consumers should not linger in open areas with accumulated water, and avoid contact with live or dead broken wires, poles, and PMTs, further adding that 118, 99000, 8119, and Facebook and Twitter areavailable for consumers to register their complaints.