KE strongly rebuts allegations made by Minister on company performance

KE strongly rebuts allegations made by Minister on company performance

KARACHI, June 26: K-Electric objects to the statements made by some Ministers for incorrectly portraying KE’s performance. KE’s spokesman said the company has been utilizing its electricity generation at full capacity. 60% of the city exempted from load-shed whereas it is the only city where all 7 industrial zones have been kept exempted from load-shed for the last 5 years. Moreover, during Ramzan the maximum hours of load-shed in very high loss areas have also been reduced now to less than 5 hours with full exemption across the city and adjoining areas on Sehar & Iftar.

KE made it clear that after privatization, the KE has not received any relaxation, financial support, subsidy, and outstanding amounts have ever been written off or reversed. Despite this KE has proved to be a successful model of success and efficiency through private ownership in the face of various elements trying to damage its reputation for no reason.

KE maintained that its privatization took place in accordance with all applicable laws. All relevant approvals were in place from the ECC, Cabinet and CCI. The induction of the new management as shareholder in KES Power in 2009 was legal. KE has invested over $1 billion and added more than 1,000 MW into its generation capacity, thus improving the generation, transmission and distribution network along with rehabilitation of its old plants and network. This helped K-Electric in ensuring a smooth supply of electricity for its consumers which is why KE has been recognized as the benchmark DISCO in the country by various institutions.

Reiterating its oft-published stance over purchase of 650 MW from NTDC at a discounted rate, KE pointed out that the company is buying this electricity at the “SAME RATE” as the other DISCOs working across the country. It is pertinent to mention that 650 MW is a mere 4% of the total electricity produce of the country and if Karachi cannot even get 4% of the total produce then they are definitely not looking out for Karachi’s best interest.

KE clarified that its serves over 20 million consumers across 6500 square kilometers stretching from Gharo to Uthal, Bela, Vinder, Lasbela and Hub industrial zones in Balochistan.