KE starts 4 Hours of Load-shed at KWSB pumps – Defaulter of PKR 36.5 BN refuses to pay its monthly dues even- KE

KE starts 4 Hours of Load-shed at KWSB pumps – Defaulter of PKR 36.5 BN refuses to pay its monthly dues even- KE

KARACHI (May 6, 2015): K-Electric has announced that it has initiated four hours of load-shed every day at all Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB) installations. According to the power company’s press statement, KWSB’s continual non-payment of their monthly electricity bills and dues has seen its debt to KE rise to a staggering more than PKR 36 billion which has made it unbearable for the power utility to operate because of the financial crunch it is going through.

“We have long exempted KWSB from load shedding but have reached the point where it is simply not sustainable for us as a business to allow them to use electricity without paying,” said KE’s spokesperson. “Where in the world does a business continue supplying goods or services to a customer whose dues rapidly expand each month due to continual non-payment?” he asked.

According to KE, the increasing demand in electricity supply due to the summer season has made it difficult for KE to provide 45-50 MW 24/7 to KWSB installations because it has always been KE’s top priority to supply electricity to those consumers who are paying their electricity bills on time. KE’s statement added that the duration of load shedding for KWSB could be extended if the water board continued to default on its payments.

KE’s press statement added that the Sind Government earlier today chalked out a payment plan via a letter in which the Government wants to adjust PKR 4.4 Billion against PKR 7 Billion rupee of Electricity Duty that KE has to pay to the Government of Sind. KE’s stance is that the Sind Government owes almost PKR 47 Billion out of which more than 36 Billion are KWSB’s dues alone, and an adjustment would not suffice in this case as suggested by the Sind Government, unless checks and payments are made to KE and soon, in account of Sind Government dues. The Sind Government in the 2014-15 budget had allotted PKR 5 billion in account of KWSB’s dues to KE, but KE was never paid even a single rupee in this regard”.

KE had been appealing to the Government of Pakistan, Government of Sindh, Chief Minister Sindh, Finance Minister Sindh, Minister for Local Bodies Sindh and other important government officials including KWSB management but sadly to date, no heed was given. It is KWSB’s inefficiency and mismanagement that would lead towards any water crisis in the city because KE has been appealing to all responsible bodies for the clearance of these dues.