KE Refutes Baseless Allegations, Remains Committed to Consumers

KE Refutes Baseless Allegations, Remains Committed to Consumers

Karachi, 11th April 2017: Refuting all baseless allegations, K-Electric shared that its prime responsibility and focus is to serve the people of Karachi. The power utility remains fully committed to its vision statement of ‘Energizing Karachi’ while serving over 25 million people of Karachi and its adjoining areas.

K-Electric shared that all billing is done as per regulatory processes and guidelines. Bills are generated as per consumer’s meter reading. Any previous allegations on billing have already been reviewed and refuted by the concerned authorities.

With regards to the cost of electricity, the Government has implemented a “Uniform Tariff Policy” across Pakistan, including Karachi. The slabs of electricity are also implemented across Pakistan. K-Electric confirmed that no change has been made in the tariff charged to the consumers of Karachi.

According to KE spokesperson, “KE’s transition into a dynamic institution today in the face of numerous challenges has become a case study in business excellence and transformation. Through sustained investment of US $1.2bn since 2009 in its infrastructure, network and services, the power utility has enhanced the reliability of power supply to its customers. Today, 61% of Karachi including industries is load shed free. We continue to invest in our systems and remain committed to bring further developments to attain the vision of a load-shed free Karachi.”

KE humbly requests all stakeholders to disregard such baseless propaganda and continue playing a positive role to facilitate capital intensive projects of KE for the betterment and improvement of Karachi and the country in a holistic manner. KE remains committed to further improve the availability and reliability of supply to the people of Karachi and to ensure the growth of economy of Karachi and Pakistan.