KE rapid response team reinstated the affected feeders to fully restore power supply in a short span on Wednesday morning

KE rapid response team reinstated the affected feeders to fully restore power supply in a short span on Wednesday morning

Karachi, July 22, 2015: In a recent press statement K-Electric detailed that power supply in all affected areas had been reinstated before 5am Wednesday morning after 117 out of 1,450 feeders tripped due to rain. Heavy winds and rainfall in some parts of the metropolis on Tuesday night caused sporadic tripping. KE rapid response team rigorously worked on reinstating affected feeders in order to fully restore power supply in Karachi.

KE spokesperson added that, ‘Due to heavy winds, many trees which had not been pruned in a timely fashion collapsed in some parts of Karachi causing electrical wires to break. The emergency response teams immediately began work to reinstate power supply by mending faults across the city. The delays in restoration were caused by stagnant water collecting in areas after rainfall. The maintenance of these trees and streets is solely the Karachi Municipal Government’s responsibility, which they neglected and blamed arising faults on KE.’

To ensure all business operations were working at optimum proficiency, CEO, K-Electric visited control centers of all affected areas, to guarantee efficient utilization of resources in tackling issues from extreme weather conditions and to resume uninterrupted power supply at the earliest. This year, the restoration process was completed more rapidly and in a timely fashion, with fewer hindrances.

In response to claims made by KWSB, the press statement added that power is being supplied as usual to Gharo, Pipri and Hub Pumping stations. However a portion of Dhabeji pumping stations witnessed power breakdown due to some cable faults. The restoration teams persistently put all efforts round the clock to restore power supply to the water pumping station.

KE spokesperson further reinstated that KWSB is liable to pay 38 Billion in dues to K-Electric and for KWSB to boast of 120 Million in payments is very disappointing and astounding. He further added that the KWSB management has failed at determining a secure, alternate power source to continue water supply operations and leave no opportunity in shifting the blaming at KE.

K-Electric spokesperson reiterated that all restoration and repair teams were working 24/7 even during the Eid holidays to ensure uninterrupted supply of power to Karachi during the festive occasion. K-Electric requests its consumers to be cautious of broken electrical wires and poles to avoid any mishap. Illegal Hook connections can be a reason for electrical accidents and broken wires.

KE requests its consumers to be patient and supportive during the monsoon rains as it is pertinent that for some areas infested with illegal connections KE takes a precautionary shutdown as it becomes a safety hazard for the consumers, due to the illegal hook connections. KE’s teams work during such crisis risking their lives during monsoon rains as a combination of electrical wires and rain/water is a deadly combination.

Consumers can inform KE of any broken wires or technical faults by calling on 118 or by SMS to 8119 or register their complaint on KE’s digital platform.