KE presents facts to dispel impression that the company is responsible for fatal accidents caused by electrocution

KE presents facts to dispel impression that the company is responsible for fatal accidents caused by electrocution

5th August 2014 : K-Electric has refuted the allegations hurled by some officials of the Sindh government that the utility company is responsible for the fatal accidents caused by electrocution in parts of Karachi.

The K-Electric spokesperson said that while neglecting their own responsibilities to their constituents, government officials are busy trying to pin blame on K-Electric to hide their own shortcomings.

KE’s spokesperson said that after hearing of the electrocution of two persons near MadniPakwan Centre in Buffer Zone, Sector 15-A, it had immediately dispatched its teams to the site to investigate the cause of the problem and rectify it accordingly.

However, upon reaching the site KE’s employees discovered that the cause of the tragedy was due to the individuals falling in a trench, which had been recently dug up to lay down telephone lines.

In fact, there were no KE installations of LT (low tension) or HT (high tension) poles in the vicinity of the site of the accident, according to the utility company. Hence, KE’s spokesperson said, the company was not directly or indirectly responsible for the accidents.

To prevent further accidents, KE’s team took the onus of closing the excavation and subsequently informed the North Nazimabadtown administration of this measure.Regarding the news report that there was a death due to electrocution at KorangiChamraChowrangi, KE’s spokesperson said that the utility company had not received any such information.

On the other hand, when KE was informed about an electrocution-related accidents at Bohra Pir Choona Bhatti in Ranchor Lane, it took immediate action to remove the fallen electricity cables from the ground.

According to KE’s spokesperson, the cables in that area frequently snap due to people illegally using them to install hook (kunda) connections. He said that the fallen cables subsequently pose a safety hazard for pedestrians during the monsoon season.

KE’s spokesperson said the organization has been actively disseminating information over the past several years to spread awareness about this risk through the mass media as well as other channels. The spokesperson said that customers have been repeatedly advised to refrain from installing hook connections as this practice can end up endangering other people’s lives.