KE Meters In Line With Global Standards; No Remote Tampering Possible

KE Meters In Line With Global Standards; No Remote Tampering Possible

Karachi, 25th October 2017: K-Electric strongly condemns misinformation and unfounded allegations being spread by some quarters regarding digital meters that are not just false but pure fiction. The power utility highlighted that digital meters are purchased from ISO certified manufacturers and installed as per respective guidelines.

KE Spokesperson also highlighted that no mechanism exists to remotely influence meter readings of digital meters in any way. Any claims otherwise are factually incorrect.

KE Spokesperson also highlighted that Smart Meters, on the other hand, are state of the art metering systems that are used in developed countries to “read” the meters remotely to enable fully automated billing without any human intervention. Contrary to certain beliefs, even readings of Smart meters cannot be influenced remotely.

With regards to the cost of electricity, the Government has implemented a “Uniform Tariff Policy” across Pakistan, including Karachi. The slabs of electricity are also implemented across Pakistan. No change has been made by K-Electric in the tariff, slabs or taxes charged to the consumers of Karachi. The applicable tariff charged is in line with the tariff notified by the Government. Moreover, billing is done as per regulatory processes and guidelines.

K-Electric has invested significantly on technological up gradation including implementation of SAP IS-U, the world’s leading system for billing and use of handheld devices for meter reading which ensures efficiency, eliminates human intervention and creates transparency. KE has also been endorsed by various national and regional stakeholders for ensuring best practices of disclosure and transparency in its reporting. The power utility remains fully committed to its vision statement of ‘Energizing Karachi’ and is determined to eradicate power theft.