KE Kicks Off the Under-16 Lyari Football League in Partnership with I Am Karachi

KE Kicks Off the Under-16 Lyari Football League in Partnership with I Am Karachi

Karachi, April 18, 2015: KE (K-Electric) has announced the beginning of the Under-16 Lyari football league which will be held from April 17 – 25, 2015 at the People’s Stadium Lyari. KE is holding this mega sports event which is “Open to All’, in partnership with I AM Karachi and Sind Football Federation.

The League kicked off with a press conference conducted by Usama Qureshi, Chief of Staff & Chief Marketing Officer, along with Ahmed Faraz, General Manager Media & PR and Zabe Khan, Head of Sports.

Usama Qureshi added, “This League is being conducted in order to provide that platform to the younger generation. The youth of Lyari will get to display the talent that they have to offer and refrain from negative activities that sadly infest the under-privileged areas of our society. We will continue to invest and promote such activities and we are glad to be affiliated with I Am Karachi for this initiative”.

Í Am Karachi” is an initiative in which the Cultural and Social Heritage of this country is being revived. Sports such as Football is highlighted and this campaign believes in a safer and cleaner Karachi. This initiative wants to provide that Hope to the citizens of Karachi and different events are conducted and held all over the city. I Am Karachi promotes art, culture, heritage, sports and theatre through different events and initiatives.

Giving details the Press Statement added that youngsters below the age of 16 are participating in this league and a total of 16 teams will perform from Lyari which have been named after 16 football legends of Lyari. Each team would consist of 18 players and two officials whereas there would be four groups with four teams per group. The top team from each group would go on to play the, the semi final and then the final.

Following the press conference Usama Qureshi, Chief of Staff & Chief Marketing Officer officially announced the commencement of this prestigious event. The country’s Flag was raised along with the arrival of the Tournament Flag followed by the National Anthem and an Oath Ceremony.