KE Cuts off Power Supply of Defaulting Customers

KE Cuts off Power Supply of Defaulting Customers

August, 11, 2014: K-Electric took stern action against defaulting customers residing in Liaquatabad, Nazimabad and North Nazimabad by disconnecting their power supply.

In its press statement, KE said that the customers in certain parts of the three localities owed the utility company Rs. 85 million, while payment of monthly bills in these areas had fallen to 15-20 percent.

KE pointed out that it had cut off electricity distribution from 16 PMTs (pole mounted transformers) in the three areas: seven each in Nazimabad and North Nazimabad and two in Liaquatabad.

According to KE’s spokesperson, KE had issued several notices to customers from the aforementioned areas but the defaulters did not pay heed to the warnings.

KE spokesperson added, “We actually tried to facilitate customers by offering them the option of paying in several easy installments. Unfortunately, even that tactic did not work and we were ultimately forced to turning off power supply.” He mentioned that these were high-loss areas where consumers were heavily involved in installing illegal hook connections that resulted in heavy load on the PMTs.