K-Electric’s power plant visited by students from karachi’s leading technical universities

K-Electric’s power plant visited by students from karachi’s leading technical universities

The initiative aims to impart practical and invaluable knowledge to students and faculty members: KE’s Spokesperson

Karachi, May 25, 2016: Students from Karachi’s leading technical universities visited K-Electric’s Power Plants located in Bin Qasim and Korangi. These technical visits are in line with KE’s vision to equip the engineering students with practical industrial exposure.

According to KE’s press statement, a total of 350 students and faculty members from NED, SSUET, Nazeer Hussain University, Saint Patrick’s Institute of Technology, Bahria University PIMSAT and several other top ranking institutions participated in these technical visits.

“These technical visits are part of the knowledge sharing platform that KE maintains with the engineering students. 8,000 students have been trained through these technical tours since 2010. Our aim is to impart first-hand knowledge from field experts to students and faculty members. The visit will also assist the passing-out engineering to gain a better understanding of the practical application which will ultimately benefit them in their professional career,” said Spokesperson KE.

Speaking about KE’s initiative, Mehran Ali Soomro, an engineering student from Bahria University stated, “Everything that we study in theory, we will never be able to fully understand unless we see it practically and we are grateful that K-Electric gave us the opportunity to do that. I would recommend this tour to all engineering students who want to have a career in the power sector.”

During these visits, the students are given a detailed tour of the plant whereby various electrical installations, control room and monitoring areas were shown. The students are also made aware of safety measures, and other regulations which are followed thoroughly by the company.

“We had a wonderful, educational experience at KE’s Bin Qasim Power Station 1. KE engineers showed us around and they explained everything in depth, it was extremely helpful,” said Sofia, an engineering student from PIMSAT while sharing her experience about the visit to power plant.

The faculty members appreciated the time and effort that KE is putting in for the benefit of the students. The faculty members also showed interest in initiating long-term collaboration with KE in order to facilitate their passing-out engineering graduates.