K-Electric requests consumers’ understanding as it conducts annual preventive maintenance

K-Electric requests consumers’ understanding as it conducts annual preventive maintenance

Karachi, Dec 17, 2020: In line with its commitment to ensure reliable and continuous power supply to its customers K-Electric regularly conducts routine annual maintenance and upgrades on the power infrastructure, for which it carries out shutdowns, with prior intimation. These annual preventive maintenance shutdowns (APM) are periodically carried out in various parts of Karachi to constantly make sure the system is working smoothly, for which consumers registered on 8119 are given prior intimation via SMS and via the KE Live app.

APM is planned on around 300 feeders in FY 2020-21, where maintenance activity will be carried out on around 6400 transformers. Plans also include the installation of protection equipment and load break switches on approximately 1,300 different locations within the distribution network. Furthermore, around 650 transformers are planned to be relieved through KE’s overloading elimination strategy.

To further improve resilience of the electricity network in areas flooded during the 2020 monsoons, the power utility has highlighted 45 critical feeders and shortlisted them for planned maintenance activity. Customers are requested to get registered with KE, by texting REG(space)[your 13 digit A/C #] and send this SMS to 8119 to get periodic updates about shutdowns.

While the power utility takes care to ensure that citizens face minimum inconvenience during this mission critical maintenance work and system upgrades, it also requests the support of consumers and their understanding that these shutdowns are essential to ensure the system continues to operate at an optimum level. According to a KE spokesperson, “Facilitation of consumers is central to our philosophy and we are taking all possible measures to further enhance the reliability of power supply across our These shutdowns are necessary so that consumers may enjoy substantial medium and long-term benefits by way of a great improved and reliable power infrastructure.”

The power utility also continuously conducts system upgrades across the network such as the replacement of traditional cables with theft and kunda resistant Aerial Bundled Cable (ABC). So far more than 9,000 PMTs have been converted to ABC and work is ongoing to convert the rest. The power utility has taken various measures over the years to streamline its network and continues to facilitate consumers through periodic system upgrades as well as installation of new generation capacity.

These shutdowns are routinely held during the winter months when power demand is at its lowest in the country. In case of any complaints or queries, customers can get in touch with KE call centers at 118 or through SMS to 8119 as well as via social media forums or through the KE Live app.