K-Electric reiterates heat wave 2015 was an environmental disaster due to climate change

K-Electric reiterates heat wave 2015 was an environmental disaster due to climate change

Karachi, 26th March 2016: K-Electric Spokesperson reiterates that the severe heatwave of 2015 which impacted people as well as most utility services across karachi and other parts of the country, has no link with power outages and was due to environmental disasters and the changing global climate.

The recent investigation report conclusions by the regulatory authority is technical in nature, and the same being reviewed, where KE will respond accordingly and in accordance with law, as the matter is already sub-judice in the court of law. It is mentioned for record that K Electric is a corporate citizen and abide by all rules and regulations in good spirit.

Despite all the negative reports that emerged last year, the corresponding reports & statements by the Relevant Authorities, MET office, Environmental , and relief organizations, claimed that the global climate change caused the rising temperature which hit 46 degree Celsius (on thermostat) and 66 degrees (as per Heat index effect) in Karachi which caused damage to people. Thus linking such damage to KE as a utility service provider is not correct. The latest investigation report conclusion by the regulator also talks about technical issues only.

The extreme temperatures beyond forecast and predictions have been experienced globally for the past several years. Spokesperson added that these climatic changes are causing extreme temperatures in winters as well as Summers, causing coldwaves, heatwaves and massive flooding, including the recent floods in Pakistan which caused havoc. Additionally these climatic changes are also impacting utilities and services globally as well.

In the recent past there have been news of closures at several modern airports and utility services in some of the most developed nations of the world due to extreme climatic situations.

K-Electric, in view of the recent media reports linking the heat wave with KE has labeled it as unfair. KE in the last 6 years has invested over $1.2 Billion in its Generation, Transmission and Distribution network along with its infrastructure. The power utility has added over 1,000 MW into Its system, adding 13 new grid stations, 8000 PMT’s amongst other strategic infrastructure investments, and has recently announced its $400 Million transmission investment package which would further enhance and upgrade it’s infrastructure as part of continuous improvement for a more reliable and stable supply of power to its valued customers.

KE again reiterates that it has invested in the past and has a robust future investment plan, such as the 700 Mw coal fired plant.

Spokesperson said that these aforementioned facts along with figures on climate change are available in the shape of credible research studies Conducted by Meteorological departments, Governments and disaster management authorities (locally and internationally).

Spokesperson said that temporary disruption of utility services due to climatic changes and natural disasters should not be taken as a benchmark for judging efforts and service delivery of any company, which in case of KE has been long committed in good faith to one of the largest city of the world i.e Karachi.

KE being a good corporate citizen respects the law, the regulators and respects it’s customers. The company abides by all the rules and regulations since the inception of management change back in 2009.