K-Electric Openly Challenges Baseless and clueless Allegations Made By Representatives of PPP & JI

K-Electric Openly Challenges Baseless and clueless Allegations Made By Representatives of PPP & JI

Karachi, May 28, 2015: K-Electric has strongly condemned and disregarded all allegations made by the clueless representatives of Pakistan People’s Party’s & Jamat-e-Islami regarding the performance and agenda of KE. It is surprising for the entity to hear such allegations, as political workers or reps should be mindful of their statements that hold no ground; as citizens of Karachi, leaders or rather political workers should be offering their absolute support to KE and its operations, not criticizing it.

KE was taken aback by allegations about the power utility involved in economic destruction of the city with the help of some ‘foreign hand’. KE said the allegations of some PPP and JI representatives show ignorance on their part towards facts on their financial performance over the last 6 years. The company states that its policies and turnaround story have been lauded on national and international level, where political workers of our own nation fail to see through our achievements. As far as industries are concerned KE has been proud at the fact that 60% of Karachi has been exempted from any load-shed, which includes all the industrial zones, so it is astonishing that these PPP and JI reps who are busy point-scoring have been kept in the dark.

KE also expressed annoyance at the allegations of Sindh government officials, saying that no evidence is present to suggest KE’s responsibility in the current water crisis. KWSB, a consistent defaulter of KE owes around Rs. 36 billion while Sindh government owes Rs. 48 billion. Where the Sindh Government should play a vital role in clearing these dues they are more focused on pointing fingers. KE further reiterated that the Sindh Government has failed to pay any money for the subsidy of the water board bills till date as they had kept PKR 5 Billion in this regard in last year’s budget and maybe the media should in turn ask them where this money for KE went.

In response to adding names of KE’s top management on Exit Control List (ECL), KE Spokesperson responded that political reps should first understand the criteria of the ECL. If the efforts of an organization that made Karachi 60% exempted from load-shedding, whose policies are not only been recognized and appreciated by State Bank of Pakistan but by well renowned international organizations such IFC, Harvard and World Bank are considered a criminal act and an offence, then the respected law enforcement authorities should feel free to take due action with proof.

In addition, K-Electric reiterated once again that the company follows a regular load-shed schedule across the city; load-shed conducted in any high loss area does not exceed seven and half hours. The reason to any power outage is illegal hook connections which cause overloading on the pole mounted transformers (PMTs), resulting in cable faults or feeder tripping. Most of these areas have settlements of Political Party workers and instead of these irresponsible remarks, maybe these reps should play a vital role in bringing down electricity theft.