K-Electric Exempts More Than 19 PMTs from Load-Shed in Lyari – Spokesperson

K-Electric Exempts More Than 19 PMTs from Load-Shed in Lyari – Spokesperson

Karachi: 20th March, 2018 – The Timber Market Association hosted an event to honor K-Electric’s recent announcement of exempting a further 19 PMTs from load-shed in Lyari. This comes after K-Electric exempted 4 feeders from load-shed in Lyari, back in 2016. The community of Lyari expressed their gratitude and the event was attended by the senior management of K-Electric and the area notables.

Per Spokesperson K-Electric, “As part of KE’s Ujala campaign, the exempted feeder consists of 19 PMTs that will now face zero load-shed which also includes the entire Timber Market of Lyari. We have installed 3 new PMTs along with other infrastructure upgrades including Aerial Bundled Cables to make the supply of electricity more reliable.”

The Chief Operating Officer of Distribution at K-Electric – Mr. Asif Saad added, “Such great appreciation received from the consumers of Lyari will go a long way in helping KE improve slightly underprivileged communities such as Lyari. It will also inspire our teams to ensure that the ongoing Project Ujala remains in full swing in other areas of the metropolitan city in which K-Electric is continuously installing Aerial Bundled Cables to reduce losses, theft and eventually load-shed.”

President Karachi Timber Market Suleman Soomro lauded KE’s efforts and stated, “This upgrade of infrastructure to ABC and inclusion of new PMTs would improve the lives of the commercial and residential consumers in this area. With this area being load-shed free, it would bode well for the business of the timber market and other commercial places.”

Earlier this year KE won the CSR award for its flagship Ujala Project during the 7th International CSR Summit & Awards Ceremony. Through this project the utility has so far transformed different communities through the installation of ABC, new transformers and low-cost connections. More than 240 communities have been engaged and more than 3,600 PMTs have been converted to ABC positively impacting almost 3 million lives. Select areas of Saddar, Lines area, Liaquatabad, Ghazdarabad, RehmatChowk, Altaf Town and Keamari are now power theft-free with reduced load-shed and minimal fault ratio which were previously infested with illegal connections and fault ratio was higher.