K-Electric continues to take stern action against defaulters

K-Electric continues to take stern action against defaulters

PMTs of Surjani and KausarNiazi North Nazimabad owing more than Rs. 360 million disconnected: KE Spokesperson

Karachi, April 21, 2015: In a bid to curb power theft and reduce losses, K-Electric took action against defaulters of North Nazimabad and Surjani Town by disconnecting their power supply.

In its press statement, KE said that the customers in certain parts of the two localities owed the utility company more than Rs. 360 million. The defaulters in Kausar Niazi were liable to pay more than Rs. 60 million whereas the defaulting consumers residing in Surjani locality were accountable to pay over Rs.300 million.

KE pointed out that it had cut off electricity distribution from 44 PMTs (pole mounted transformers) in the two areas: six in Kausar Niazi and 38 in Surjani Town. According to KE’s spokesperson, the company had already issued several notices to the consumers from aforementioned areas but defaulters did not pay heed to these warnings whereas the Paying Ratio was as low as 18% which is unbearable for the company and its operations.

KE said that that these were high-loss areas where consumers were heavily involved in installing illegal hook connections that resulted in heavy load on the PMTs and eventual tripping.

KE notified the defaulters to clear their outstanding bills at the earliest instead of staging protests and blocking roads because the company cannot provide free electricity to such consumers.