K-Electric Billing Fully Compliant With Regulatory Guidelines

K-Electric Billing Fully Compliant With Regulatory Guidelines

Karachi – March 31, 2017: K-Electric reiterates that all billing is done as per regulatory processes and guidelines.

Bills are generated as per consumer’s meter reading. In cases where theft, meter tampering or illegal abstraction is detected, the billing is done based on prescribed regulatory guidelines. The process of such billing is fully covered in the respective policy guidelines and is determined accordingly.

Per KE spokesperson, “The power utility has made significant improvements through investments of more than US$ 1.2 billion across Generation, Transmission and Distribution segments in the past seven years. KE has to-date not paid out any dividend and the profits declared in annual audited accounts have been re-invested into the business. This in turn has benefited consumers through improvement in supply and quality of service. The continuous stream of investment from KE has further strengthened the power infrastructure and reinforces its long-term commitment to serve the people of Karachi.”

Moreover, the overall drive against power theft and illegal abstraction remains a key priority for the company and has played a critical role in bringing Transmission and Distribution losses down to as low as 22% from 36% in 2009. This has resulted in exemption of 61% of Karachi including industrial zones and strategic installations from load-shed.

In line with the utility’s mission statement to put consumers at the heart of everything it does, K-Electric offers a wide range of avenues to address consumer requests ranging from 29 Integrated Business Centers spread across its network, one of the largest call centers equipped with leading consumer experience platform ‘Genesys’, centralized handling via KE website, facilitation at consumers’ doorstep with mobile vans and round the clock engagement via social media forums including public holidays. Moreover, KE is also one of the first utility companies to implement SAP IS-U, a state of the art customer relations and billing management system.

K-Electric has also been endorsed by various national and regional stakeholders for ensuring best practices of disclosure and transparency in its financial reporting. The power utility is continuously striving to enhance its services and encourages customers to share feedback for further improvement.