A Few Individuals at NEPRA adamant in Destroying K-Electric’s Reputation, KE will respond stringently: KE

A Few Individuals at NEPRA adamant in Destroying K-Electric’s Reputation, KE will respond stringently: KE

This year NEPRA declared K-Electric as one of the best DISCOs, a sudden change in their evaluation in the past few months is quite astonishing

Karachi, July 24, 2015: K-Electric issued a press statement where the power company strongly condemned all baseless allegations put forward by NEPRA, stating that the regulatory body shared the show-cause notice with the media; KE has not received any show-cause notice from NEPRA as yet. Similarly, some time back it was through the media only that KE found out that NEPRA has sent out a preliminary report which had a stance against K-Electric, but KE never received this report.

KE spokesperson said ‘It seems quite evident that some individuals at NEPRA are against KE, as their progression and productivity has been exemplary in comparison to other DISCO’s. It is also for the same reason that the authorities at NEPRA consider conditions in Karachi at their worst’.

KE press statement further details that the power utility has never shared any inaccurate information with NEPRA; all information shared is on record, available for viewing. Prior to the Fact-Finding Report, NEPRA Management visited KE head office where its management fully cooperated with the power authority which was appreciated by NEPRA who in turn said that KE was utilitsing its generation at full capacity. The newly visible negative stance taken by the regulatory authority against the KE Management seems to be the work of some opposing officials.

K-Electric learnt of the showcause notice of uninterrupted power supply through the media. This raises a vital question, whether other cities have uninterrupted power supply, and if not does NEPRA issue showcause notices of uninterrupted power supply in other cities through the media as well or is it just regulating affairs at K-Electric.

Assurance was given by the NEPRA team that prior to sharing any report, a meeting would be scheduled with K-Electric in order to gain a more accurate version for the report, which unfortunately did not happen.

KE’s spokesperson further added ‘Whenever NEPRA officials paid their official visits at the K-Electric offices, they were articulate in expressing their satisfied with the performance of the entity. However under the pressure of some unknown influential, which forced NEPRA to go against their own word.’

K-Electric’s press statement further reiterated, that if and when the power utility receives a showcause notice from NEPRA then it will provide a response detailing its version. K-lectricE promises to fully cooperate with the regulatory body in the future as well.

Such baseless allegations by NEPRA reflects a negative effect on the nation’s economy impacting foreign investments which the nation needs the most at this crucial time.