High unaccounted for demand and humidity trips the Bin Qasim Transmission Line: K-Electric

High unaccounted for demand and humidity trips the Bin Qasim Transmission Line: K-Electric

Restoration process started during the early hours of Monday

Karachi, July 13, 2015: K-Electric issued a statement explaining the outage that occurred in Karachi during the early hours of Monday morning when the transmission lines of Bin Qasim power plant tripped taking down the Bin Qasim Power Station 1 and 2.

The tripping was caused by high humidity level which went up to 95%. Humidity with Heavy winds in vast fields deposited excessive dust residue on transmission lines causing the lines to trip. K-Electric’s engineers and restoration teams immediately started working on the power plants to restore power generation and by 11am more than 60% of the city was restored.

“The power has been successfully restored to the major part of the city’s power outage parts” said KE spokesperson. He further detailed “Bin Qasim power plants 1 and 2 have been restored and are generating power in their full capacity. All the grids linked to the city have been restored and supply of power was normalized during afternoon”.

KE’s CEO Tayyab Tareen requests the consumers to show patience and have faith in the power utility in these trying times and has assured the consumers that KE is trying its level best to overcome issues so that uninterrupted supply could be made possible in minimal time. Regarding the various unauthentic media reports and baseless comments made by ministers around, CEO KE added, “We want our consumers not to believe the different baseless reports circulating regarding the company because they carry zero weight. The power utility is recognized as one of the best in the country and Karachi has seen the difference in the last 5 years in terms of growth and reduced outages/load-shed compared to the rest of the country. We have outperformed other distribution companies over the last 5 years and comparing this recent blip with our previous performance is wrong. We will stand tall in the end because we believe in the city and this country and we want our consumers to stay possitive”.