Fault in Queens Road Grid Station rectified: K-Electric

Fault in Queens Road Grid Station rectified: K-Electric

Power was restored in adjoining areas within short span of time: Spokesperson

Karachi, May 20, 2016: K-Electric issued a press statement in which it clarified that due to a fault at its Queens Road Grid Station, some parts of Karachi faced interruption in supply. The power supply was restored within a short span of time. Power supply to key hospitals such as JPMC and Civil as well as strategic locations such as Chief Minister House and Governor House was ensured.

According to the KE’s spokesperson, out of 64 grid stations in K-Electric’s Network only one was affected due to the fault. Moreover, the disruption was not due to the tripping of Extra high-tension line.

“Our teams were on ground immediately and worked tirelessly to restore electricity. The supply was resumed in the affected areas within a short period of time,” added KE’s spokesperson.

The KE team also requested its consumers to remain calm and patient at such times and also apologized for any inconvenience caused.