Bank Charges being charged as per NEPRA’s own decision of 2010 and are not part of KE’s tariff – KE Clarifies

Bank Charges being charged as per NEPRA’s own decision of 2010 and are not part of KE’s tariff – KE Clarifies

NEPRA negates its own earlier decision which is surprising and shows NEPRA’s ill-intentions – Spokesman KE

March 13, 2015: K-Electric through its press statement has strongly criticized NEPRA’s role regarding Bank Charges, as the regulatory body itself had directed KE to collect these charges from its consumers. KE has once again clarified its position regarding the bank collection charges and according to KE’s statement, the purported decision issued by NEPRA is illegal, in excess of the powers contained within the NEPRA Act and in violation of the NEPRA rules and regulations.

NEPRA in its decision of May 27th 2010 had clearly termed such collections as ‘lawful’ which shows that NEPRA itself is negating its earlier decision now. This was further approved by NEPRA in tariff terms and conditions to be collected separately. Further, NEPRA in its recent letter dated 5th July 2013 confirmed that such charges are in accordance with the approval of the Authority. Statement would also like to clarify that KE is not the only utility company acquiring such charges from consumers, as all the DISCOs have included these bank charges which are included in their tariffs. KE on the other hand, keeps these charges separately on its bill which is evident and shows transparency.

Spokesman KE said, “These charges are not a part of KE’s Tariff as these charges are directly handed over to the banks. There is confusion amongst NEPRA officials on this issue and they themselves should try to understand it before contradicting their own earlier decisions”.

KE’s statement said that there is no sort of duplication of such charges in its bills, as claimed by NEPRA and these bank charges are not a part of KE’s O&M, which has been cleared time and time again, in letters directed to NEPRA. These bank charges are posted separately on KE’s monthly bills which shows absolute transparency in the bill. NEPRA being the Regulatory Authority should at least hold a hearing in this regard so that the confusion settles down.