Environmental Impact - K-Electric

Environmental Impact

Green Management Framework:

In 2013, KE launched its 5 year cumulative Climate Change framework to address critical challenges faced by one of the largest cities of the world. KE is committed to providing clean, reliable and affordable energy for the sustainable development of Karachi. In line with our Climate Change Policy we have adopted a balanced and responsible approach that reduces carbon emissions and ensures social and environmental gains. We continue to improve and prioritise our environmental performance which is in full compliance with the global compliance standards. We also continue to mitigate our GHG emissions through creation of green zones. The Plant for Pakistan campaign is a part of this framework whereby KE pledged to plant 100,000 trees across the city to help combat climate change. So far, 63,000 trees have been planted.

WWF – The Earth Hour City Challenge 2016 for Karachi

KE is the first corporate entity to enter Karachi in the WWF city challenge against its Climate Change policy 2016 year challenge. An MOU has been signed between WWF and KE to collaborate activities for the City Challenge, and KE has pledged to plant 100,000 trees in 2016. Through a structured Climate Change Policy, KE has resolved along with WWF to put Karachi on the climate change map.

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