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Customers at Heart: K-Electric Files a Robust Investment Plan Of PKR 484 Billion For Sustainable Power Supply To Karachi

K-Electric has filed its investment plan FY 2024-2030 for Transmission and Distribution segments. The futuristic plan keeps its customers at...
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Localization of energy supply chain

With import restrictions, Pakistan's import-substituting manufacturing sectors, which are highly dependent on imports for raw materials, are crippling. And one...
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Do Pakistan’s DISCOs set power tariffs?

Power companies in Pakistan are under scrutiny once again as citizens across the country express their bewilderment over high electricity...
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Women who are rewiring the system

The hall echoed with the round of applause as Soffia was summoned to the stage. As she stood and walked...
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The second amendment and its impact on religious harmony

Her argument, one that I support, is even though Pakistan’s constitution says that Ahmedis are non-Muslims, it does not necessarily...
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